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With the lockdown, people have more time to explore films they never thought of before. Despite popular opinion, there are films more than 40 years old that are still watchable, relevant, and entertaining. More than just the handful everyone can name like The Wizard of Oz (1939) or It’s a Wonderful Life (1946.) That’s why we’re called Movies before 1980. Almost any film can be found through either the two major streaming services (Netflix and Hulu,) streaming rental services like YouTube and Amazon Prime, or even an old-fashioned Netflix DVD rental subscription. The pandemic is giving people the opportunity to discover the world of movies that existed before 1980. But it would help if they knew what to look for first. Why sift through a bunch of bad, mediocre films which make you give up? That’s where I come in.

My content will be individual movie reviews and articles on film in general. They will all be posted in the blog, but by using categories for each post, I will create links to those topics (Reviews, and Articles) in the navigation. This to better help people find what they are looking for. Why scroll and scroll when you can simply check the tags and look at the post titles? I also want to include a search function.

The reviews will focus not only on the kind of review everyone is used to reading, but also on how the film relates to the present day audience, how each may have been a step forward for its times, or what they were trying to do but couldn’t achieve because of the standards of the times (the films of the 1950’s are a prime example of the latter.) I will also have an “About Me” page, a page of “Further Reading” resources with links to other sites, a contact page and perhaps a cover page. The navigation menu would then be “Home” “Blog” “Reviews” “Articles” “Further Reading” and “About Me.”

Each review will have linked content at the end through the use of icons. For example, an IMDB icon will link to that film’s IMDB page. A Wikipedia icon to the Wikipedia page, and so on. Additional icons will direct people to where they can rent the film and stream it for a low price, such as YouTube or Amazon Prime. The link will be to the exact rental page.

Inline links may also be applied to actors and directors. There will also be photo galleries and embedded YouTube videos of trailers, histories, music or short clips. Last but not least, there will be star ratings for each film.  The articles will cover topics such as “How We Got the New Wave (hint: it wasn’t just Easy Rider)” or “The Failure of Films in the 50s to Make Social Commentary because of the Restrictions of the Time.” The articles will also include photos and links, and YouTube videos when they can be found. Articles will also have inline links, and both articles and reviews will have “Further Reading” links.

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By Bill Grinnell

Bachelor's Degrees in Drama and History from the University of Washington in 1997. 144 credits in Drama and 90 in History with a 3.45 gpa.

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