How the American New Wave was Born

It’s been called a lot of things. The New Hollywood, The Film School Generation, or simply as The 70’s. More recently, the 13 years between 1970 and 1983 have come to be known as The American New Wave. It was a period of much excitement, upheaval, and change that had the unintended after effect of… Continue reading How the American New Wave was Born

The Apartment

A near timeless film The Apartment (1960) marked quite a turn in American Cinema. During the 50s, movies making social commentary or dealing with dark issues were so sanitized that you now come to the end of them and say “that’s what that’s supposed to be about?” Just some examples of 50s watering down are:… Continue reading The Apartment

What you will find here

With the lockdown, people have more time to explore films they never thought of before. Despite popular opinion, there are films more than 40 years old that are still watchable, relevant, and entertaining. More than just the handful everyone can name like The Wizard of Oz (1939) or It’s a Wonderful Life (1946.) That’s why… Continue reading What you will find here

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