UP Alumni Update

July 22, 2023

The table below is the latest update as to when alumni and current ensemble “got in” and became official ensemble members.

A new document was found which went into great detail about anyone and everyone who has ever performed, played music, or done tech at UP between 1983 and 2000. The Alumni list has been updated based on this document, plus the messages sent by alumni and ensemble after the initial list was put out last week.



Again, this particular list is for stage performers only who either have/had official ensemble status, or people from the documents I am unsure of. So they were added here for all of you to review, and let me know if someone doesn’t belong or belongs in a different year/place (such as musician, guest performer, or an apprentice who was never given ensemble status.)

Separate lists are being compiled for musicians, tech, and apprentices who never ascended into ensemble status. This is the biggest project, which is why I’m tackling it first.

What we would like from you

  • Find yourself in the table and tell me if I have you
    • “in” on the correct year or
    • which year you belong in, and
    • what year did you leave the ensemble, plus
    • If you know how many “got in” from the same auditions as you (such as 11 in 2022), any people you remember who got in with you, someone who doesn’t belong at all, and someone who is missing.

As of yesterday, an official ruling has been made concerning the official date someone is recognized as being made an ensemble member. This comes from Artistic Director Jill Farris and Managing Director Jay Hitt. Their stated policy is the following:

“We go by ensemble acceptance date, whether it’s by audition or invite. All other decisions and exceptions about this subject will be made by the Managing Director and Artistic Director.” Jill Farris and Jay Hitt, July 21, 2023 at 4:40pm.

In fact, a handful of exceptions have already been made. If you are a current ensemble member, those decisions are reflected in this table and for the most part everyone should be pleased. Find your year to check their decision if you feel you may be someone who would be getting an exception.

Jay and Jill ask than any comments, concerns and questions about this be directed to them. But please check to see the year you have been credited for first. For the most part, none of you who may be worried about this have anything to worry about.


The first two boxes are labeled “unknown.” If you know where someone belongs or if someone there was never an ensemble member, please let me know. This applies to anyone else you see in the rest of the table as well.

For the purposes of this list, Jay and Jill have determined that being in the ensemble means:

  • You auditioned in an open audition meant to select new ensemble members (not just for a show), or were invited in without an audition, or were elevated into the ensemble from apprentice status.
  • You “got in.”
  • Your picture went up on the wall.

Also, you will notice a Y when I have that person’s headshot. If you are shown as a N, or Created, and have your old headshot we would love to have it. I’d like to see us add an alumni section to the website in the same style that Second City uses.

Thank you for any help you can give in restoring the alumni list.

You can contact me by commenting on the Facebook post, or through my Facebook. Search for either “Bill Grinnell Photos” or Bill Grinnell. The profile picture on that is Charlie Chaplin.

You can also email me at b[email protected]

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